Please Note: We do not currently have a permanent physical location.
We are a Mobile Mini Truck, most times you can find us at local festivals, pop-ups and special events.

A “Limber” pronounced (lim-ber) is a delicious frozen tropical juice “pop” in a cup. They are made in a large variety of flavors: coconut, vanilla, pineapple, lime, tamarind, mango, strawberry, kiwi, orange etc.

No spoon needed for this treat… you just squeeze the thin plastic cup and gently push the bottom of the cup with your thumb to pop up the icy treat, then you “Flip” the treat over and savor the sweet refreshing goodness.

Our Flavors Include: We try and stock all listed although some are just seasonal. Please contact us to confirm availability.

Arándano – Blueberry 
Arándano Rojo – Cranberry
Cereza – Cherry
China – Naranja
Coco -Coconut
Fresa – Strawberry
Fresa Con Kiwi – Strawberry Kiwi
Guanabana – Sour Sop
Guayaba – Guava
Leche – Sweet Milk
Limón Verde – Lime
Mango – Mango
Mandarina – Mandarin
Mantecado – Vanilla Cream
Melon – Cantaloupe
Parcha (Maracuya) – Passion Fruit
Piña – Pineapple
Tamarindo – Tamarind
Uva – Grape


No spoons required!  Just pop and flip it over and let the cooling refreshing sweet flavor help you beat the heat!