Limber De Coco – Coconut

Limber de Coco- Coconut
Limber de Coco- Coconut

A tall glass of lemonade, dipping your toes in the pool, the cool breeze on a sandy beach in the late afternoon or swinging on a bench seat on the front porch of a cabin up in the mountains.  These are all ways to cool off during the hot summer months.
Another is savoring one of our delicious creamy coconut Icy Puerto Rican Treats.

No spoons required!  Just pop and flip it over and let the cooling refreshing sweet flavor help you beat the heat!



OURS                                            THEIRS
5 oz $2.00                                  1.50 oz $1.50 – 1.75

7 oz $3.00                                  2.15 oz – $2.00 – $2.25
Includes Tax.                             Does Not Include Tax